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Antony Sheen AKA SheenyBorn 22/06/1987Antony started Deejaying in 2010 as a party dj mostly playing at a local bar in his hometown Benfleet called Fatty's Bar.Within 6 months he was asked to open a night at a newly opened bar in a town called Basildon. The club was called The Edge and had a rather bad reputation but Antony was able to make a successful night at the club every Saturday night and became the resident dj. Here he decided that he really wanted to make a career of his deejaying and thats when he joined a successful internet radio station formally known as Twisted Energy that then turned to Audio One.Audio One was owned by a rather successful Techno Dj called Matt Whittet that was later to become an idle to Antony and someone that really helped him further his career. Antony played on 2 different nights on the station homing his skills and finding his route in music. After a while Antony was able to create a rather successful night on the station and also was able to find his sound. Antony was a great lover of Progressive and Electro House which later on in his career became his style in Deejaying and Producing. Not long after joining the station he found out that Matt also owned a record label called Twisted Beats which he soon joined releasing his first 2 tracks. He gained a lot of experience at Twisted Beats but noticed that the label was not really releasing the styles he was making and that his tracks was not getting noticed so he decided to try some other avenues and joined a Record Label called Wall 2 Wall Records.In May of 2012 Antony joined Wall 2 Wall Records which is where he has made his home today. He started releasing music under his full name Antony Sheen but since the start of 2014 Antony is now releasing under the name Sheeny.Show your support for a dedicated hard working man in the hard music world and follow his journey.

Antony Sheen AKA Sheeny